Las mejores instalaciones de Burning Man 2017 (fotos)

Burning Ma, festival anual estadounidense que ha probado desde su nacimiento en 1986 que es una incubadora artística. Partiendo de la zona auditiva, la propuesta visual artística que nace desde visuales digitales hasta increíbles esculturas e instalaciones interactivas (obviamente incluyendo el hombre quemado), la peregrinación anual de unas 70 mil personas hacia el desierto de Nevada parece ser que nunca es en vano.

Criptograma le  presenta una muestra de las mejores instalaciones que llegaron a Black Rock Desert. La producción, calidad artística y potencialidad anímica de cada una de ellas, en muchos casos, podría superar lo visto en cualquier bienal del mundo.

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Tara Mechani . . . . . #burningman #burningman2017 #blackrockdesert #art #honorarium #dusty #duststorm

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Home! Hat by @ivaksenevich #burningman2017

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#burningman2017 #firsttimeburners

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from the ashes, you spread your wings to fly Reaching now for those final dreams, belief will never die Beautiful and so glorious, the eternal bird of fire Soaring up into the sun, leaving behind the pyre Dreams are now your destiny; reach with all your might You’re a powerful inferno, ablaze and in full flight Yesterday is over, today has just begun The sky is now your playground your home is now the sun Destiny is in your grasp, forget the doubts and fears Your flame will burn eternally for all remaining years There will be times of doubt, and moments of pure sorrow But one thing that is ever true, you’re the angel of tomorrow. . –Deanthebard "The Phoenix who survived" . Photo: 'The Phoenix Rising' a Playa sculpture at Burning Man 2017 . "The Phoenix Rising will be an art piece that both burns and remains. A steel sculpture of a Phoenix will be concealed within a wooden sculpture of a bird. The wooden sculpture will burn, revealing the metal Phoenix within. The Phoenix both burns away uniquely, yet remains to be rebuilt and burned again.The piece is both performative and physically permanent. It is a symbol of rebirth and renewal." 🔥❤️

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1 year today #burningman

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Twenty foot ballerina.

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#hybycozo #burningman #burningman2017

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